We spoke to Carole Baskin, who said this Knoxville-led tiger film can be ‘Earth changing’

by | Dec 20, 2020 | Documentary Films, The Hidden Tiger | 0 comments

Ryan Wilusz,  Knoxville News Sentinel

Carole Baskin, an activist for big cats, sat down and binge-watched “Tiger King” on Netflix just like everybody else. The end product, which she believed would resemble a “Blackfish” for tigers, had almost nothing to do with saving big cats, she said — a real “missed opportunity” for the film that made her famous.

Roughly 34 million people watched “Tiger King” in the first 10 days it was available, according to Nielsen. Many more watched after that.

But if “Tiger King” viewers instead focused their attention on “The Hidden Tiger,” an upcoming documentary from Knoxville director Michael Samtesto, the impact would be “Earth changing,” she told Knox News.



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