NOT YET FIXED: A Film to Help Shelter Pets

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When we released the documentary A Southern Fix in 2014, nearly a million unwanted companion pets were being euthanized each year. Thanks to the tireless efforts of  rescuers, advocates, and animal advocacy groups, and documentary films that number began to drop year after year until 2020, and the COVID Pandemic.

Due to a pause in spay and neuter surgeries during  pandemic lockdowns and the housing instability fueled by end of the pandemic eviction moratoriums, we are now seeing  a 37% increase in the first six months of 2023 as compared to the same timeframe in 2022.

What can be done? Join Rescue Doc Films for an inspiring journey that shines a spotlight on the great work being done to put an end to the unnecessary killing of shelter pets.


For the past 10 years, filmmakers Josh Gildrie and Michael Samstag have worked together to make great animal advocacy films. Our film A Southern Fix sought to end the unnecesary killing of shelter animals due to overcrowding. Prior to that, Tales in Flight followed the life saving work of Pilots n Paws, a network of pilots that fly dogs and cats from areas where shelter are over crowded to loving homes where there is a need for adoptable pets.

Our last film, The Hidden Tiger  is a global exposé revealing the links between captive tigers and the wild tigers’ possible extinction. These feature films were effective in raising awareness about animal welfare but unfortunately they were expensive and time consuming to make and were only broadly available on pay per view or ad supported streaming services.



While we are proud of our accomplishments in Animal Welfare, we feel there is a more effective way to help these causes in the future. Our new model is simple: we will create small crowd-funded projects like this one, so that we can make short films that can be shared on YouTube by all of the organizations and individuals that are working to help animals.

With your help, we are hoping to make this film and get it out to the world and into the hands of the rescues, shelters, and organizations that are working hard to reverse the growing numbers of shelter killings. It’s been done before; this is the first time that these numbers have been on the rise since the beginning of the COVID pandemic.

By making a small donation and sharing this campaign–we can make a difference and save the lives of tens of thousands of cats and dogs. And your donation is fully tax deductible as Rescue Doc Films is a certified 501c3 Non Profit and an Official Google Non Profit.


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