Putting Film to Work

At Rescue Doc Films

  • We create powerful documentary films.
  • We raise money and awareness for causes that matter.

We advocate for

  • Human Rights
  • The Environment
  • The Arts
  • Animal Welfare


Rescue Doc Films is a non-profit production company that produces  powerful advocacy films. Focused on the Environment, Human and Animal Welfare, and the Arts, we bring underrepresented issues to the forefront to effect lasting change.

Help us put film to work! Make a tax-deductible donation to one of our films currently in production.

Rescue Doc Films

A Non-Profit Production Company.

Powerful Films

We specialize in producing documentary films with the aim to end human and animal suffering. Our feature films have screened in numerous film festivals and have found distribution on platforms like Amazon, Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.


We help organizations to raise awareness and essential funding. According to Fast Company, 79% of donors surveyed reported that online video ads were the most compelling online media marketing they experienced. At Rescue Doc Films, we take our experience from producing award-winning documentaries, and put those powerful techniques to work, resulting in the creation of an effective video that tells your story and drives donations and awareness to your cause.

The single most powerful fundraising tool used by Hand Up For Women are the videos produced by Rescue Doc Films. For more than 15 years, they have told the stories of transformed lives with grit, true visual impact, compassion, and celebration. We premiere each film at our fundraising gala, and our donors have responded with well over $500,000.00!
Eva Pierce, Executive Director, Hand Up for Women