We partner with NGO’s, non profits, and organizations of all sizes to help amplify their impact. Our work with WWF, the Humane Society of the US, IFAW, Panthera, Big Cat Rescue, Wildcat Sanctuary, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue and Animal AID USA has resulted in broad successes. These partnerships also remind us all there is more work to be done.


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Rescue Doc Films is proud to be partnering with the SHARE Military Initiative at Shepherd Center, a comprehensive rehabilitation program that focuses on assessment and treatment for service men and women who have sustained a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury and PTSD from the Afghanistan and Iraqi conflicts.

22 will tell the stories of these service men and women who volunteered to serve their country as they struggle to regain a normal civilian life.

Premiering Winter 2024

Tennessee Children’s Dance

For over a decade, we’ve had the honor of working to raise awareness and funds to keep the ensemble dancing. From short documentaries, to on stage projection and archival production, RFD has risen to the artistic standards the ensemble expects.

The Tennessee Children’s Dance Ensemble continues to prove a child’s capacity to match a professional level of artistry. It is the Ensembles mission to provide opportunities for children to excel in dance and to teach children that only through hard work, dedication and a heightened sense of discipline is this excellence possible. The results have been over 30 years of children performing modern dance masterpieces on stage and creating their own masterpieces in life beyond TCDE.

Hand Up for Women

For nearly twenty years, Rescue Doc Films has produced fundraising videos which have been instrumental in raising over 90% of their operating budget,

Hand Up for Women is a life-management and career-readiness ministry that brings dignity, self-confidence and hope to women who might otherwise remain trapped in addiction, abuse, poverty, and despair. They provide long-term, healthy friendships, and a year-long series of twice-weekly classes that teach women to realize their full potential in every area of life.