Rescue Doc Films

Rescue Doc Films is a non-profit production company creating professional quality advocacy films.  Focused on the Environment, Human and Animal Welfare, and the Arts, RDF brings underrepresented issues to the forefront to effect lasting change.

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We don’t just make films, we put them to work for the causes we believe in. This means creating an action campaign that includes distributing press releases, social media posts, SEO marketing in addition to creating great posters, trailers, and websites that market the film–and the cause.

We make films around subjects we care deeply about such as animal rights, and helping veterans and we partner with great NGO’s and non-profits to spread awareness to maximum effect. Since the release of A Souther Fix, the euthanization of shelter animals had dropped by 75%. Most recently, the Big Cat Public Safety Act, a key call to action in The Hidden Tiger, has just been signed into law by President Biden.

The Hidden Tiger

We began the 20th century with over 100,000 wild tigers. We ended the same century with less than 4,000. Hunted, poached, encroached upon and then slaughtered, the wild tigers of Asia are in trouble and face extinction.

But there is a secret number few know: the shocking number of the hidden tigers of North America. There are between 5,000 to 10,000 hidden tigers living in the backyards, roadside attractions, theme parks, zoos, and sanctuaries of The United States alone. Under-regulated, over-bred and often mistreated, these apex predators are born into a lifetime of captivity with a surprising and unintended consequence: their caged existence helps undermine the already difficult task of saving their wild counterparts.

The Hidden Tiger is a global exposé revealing the links between captive tigers and the wild tigers’ possible extinction.


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A Southern Fix

The facts are startling- every year tens of thousands of companion animals are euthanized in the US. That’s too many. But what is the solution? The filmmakers interviewed advocates like Pam Grier, Prince Lorenzo Borghese and Karen Talbot of Animal Aid USA, Animal Rescue Corps, leaders from Young Williams Animal Center, the University of Tennessee College of Veterinarian Medicine, the ASPCA, The Humane Society of the United States, and many others to hear from the frontline of this battle.

Available on Amazon PrimeTubiTV, and Vudu.

Tales in Flight

There are over 400 million dogs in the world, each deserving a loving family and home. But not every dog is so lucky. Every day, tens of thousands of dogs and puppies are lost or abandoned.  That ís where heroes from above step in. Pilots from the organization Pilots n Paws  donate their time, planes, and fuel to rescue dogs and transport them quickly and comfortably across the many miles to their new life.

The story of Tales In Flight follows the incredible journey these dogs take, from their tragic starts in life to their amazing transformations when they reach their new homes. It also tells the story of the very special people that realize how amazing these creatures are and go above and beyond to save lives. Narrated by Jill Rappaport. Jill Rappaport has worked as a correspondent for TODAY and NBC News for the more than 22 years, the first 15 as entertainment reporter.

Available on YouTube.