Tales in Flight

The tale begins simply: A dog is abandoned. A shelter picks him up. And he sits. Caged and forgotten. People pass by but he goes unnoticed. Options for this pet are limited and his time is short.

What if this dog had a new and loving home but it was far away? How would his potential owners find him and how in the world would they bring him home?

Meet Jeff Bennett, a volunteer pilot who’s flown dozens of missions for Pilots n Paws, donating his time, plane, and fuel, to transport dogs across hundreds of miles to their new family. He’s also rescued snakes, pot bellied pigs, chicken, birds, rabbits, monitor lizards, and every kind of cat and dog and imaginable–over 2000 so far.

And Jeff is just one of the hundreds of volunteer pilots who have flown over 40,000 animals from Maine to Florida. Pilots n Paws has saved over 40,000 animals from destruction and placed them in loving homes thanks to the willingness of a few.

The story of Tales in Flight follows the incredible journey these animals take, from their tragic starts in life to their amazing transformations when they reach their new homes. Tales in Flight tells this story and that of the amazing rescuers that not only realize how amazing these creatures are but are willing to go above and beyond to save them.

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